Mithushan Jalangan

Mithushan Jalangan is a Software Engineering Undergraduate Student of the Informatics Institute of Technology Sri Lanka. He has been involved in IEEE for four years, starting as a student member and moving on to volunteering in the section level project. 

Mithushan was the charter Vice Chairperson of the IEEE Computer Society in Informatics Institute of Technology and an active member of the IEEE Student Branch of Informatics Institute of Technology. He performed a significant role in uplifting IEEE activities with the student branch and making initiatives such as CodeSprint Startup Battle and Startup School Colombo.

He also actively contributed to the projects done by the IEEE Sri Lanka Section Students Activities Committee. Mithushan was the chairperson of the IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2019 and steered to the direction of a Startup pre-accelerator. He also contributed as a member of the Industry Relations Team Member for both IEEE INSL 2018 and TechnoMeetup 2018.   

Mithushan is the current Industry Relation Committee Lead of the IEEE Sri Lanka Section Students Activities Committee and Event Management Lead for Let’s Talk for IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka Section.

Mithushan developed a strong background in organizing and initiating movements to enable the startup ecosystem at the university level. He understands the importance of fixing the problem from a grass root level and the empowerment of self-development and entrepreneurship to be driving force for a better future. He is also a thought leader of empiricism, believing that everything can be learned through experience by oneself or understanding others.