The Team

Eddie Custovic

For several years he has been a very energetic and active member of the IEEE, contributing across all fronts. Eddie has created strong working relationships with students, student branches, chapters/societies and senior members of the IEEE Victoria Section. Read More.

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David Goldstein

David Goldstein is Lead Director for IEEE, responsible for advancing the commercialization of new data, content, and tools utilized by engineers globally in academia, corporate and government. These products and services provide insight.. Read More.

Lavanya Sayam

Lavanya G. Sayam is Product Development Manager at IEEE, responsible for identifying, validating and spearheading new products in the engineering markets. She has a strong technical background, along with strategic business insight. Read More.

Haris Selmanovic

Currently, Haris is the student representative for the IEEE Section B&H, a member of the IEEE DataPort Steering Committee and a board member in BH Futures Foundation. Read More.

Mithushan Jalangan

Mithushan Jalangan is a Software Engineering Undergraduate Student of the Informatics Institute of Technology Sri Lanka. He has been involved in IEEE for four years, starting as a student member and moving on.. Read More.

Haris Arnautovic

Haris has been involved with IEEE for the last couple of years as a volunteer for the IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As of 2019, he is part of the organizing team of IEEE Innovation Nation.. Read More.

Dilini Ekanayake

Dilini Ekanayaka started her involvement with IEEE for 4 years ago. She played a major role in the establishment of an IEEE Student Branch for the Open University of Sri Lanka. She was also the charter Chairperson of the IEEE WIE Affinity.. Read More.

Subodha Charles

Subodha has been involved in IEEE Since 2011 starting as a student member. He played a major role in uplifting IEEE activities in Sri Lanka and he was recognized as the best student volunteer in the Asia Pacific region in 2015. Read More.